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AOH Division 87 - Port Richmond

2171 Wakeling Street

Philadelphia, PA 19124



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Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity

2171 Wakeling St
Philadelphia, PA 19124

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Division 87 Officers



 Fr Joseph Howarth

   Fr Joseph Okonski
President:   Gene Long III
Vice President:   Mike McCafferty
Recording Secretary:   Patrick Dever
Treasurer:   Brian Miracle
Financial Secretary:   Bill Kenny
Standing Committee:   Ed "Obie" O'Brien
Marshall:   James Hughes


  John Jones

Imm. Past President:   Jim Lockhart



Division 87 Home Association



  Tom LaVelle

Treasurer:   Chuck Welsh
Trustees:   Jim Lockhart Jr.
     Jim McGinley
    Brian Miracle
Steward:   Tom Wenger

Binlids Hours of Operation


  6:00 PM - Close

Thursday:   6:00 PM - Close
Friday:   Noon - Close
Saturday:   Noon - Close
Sunday:   Noon - 7:00 PM

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Division 87 LAOH

Philadelphia County Board

Pennsylvania State Board

AOH National


St Patrick's Day Parade

Irish Philadelphia

Irish Memorial

Irish Edition

State Convention




Irish American News Links


  Boston College Subpoena


Duffy's Cut Project


Free Gery McGeough


Upcoming Div 87 Events


March Meeting

Date: Tues, 3/21/2017

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: 2171 Wakeling St

Please note this is a regularly scheduled meeting.

AOH87 Annual Beef N Beer

Date: Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: 2171 Wakeling Street

Beef N Beer cost is $30 and includes draft beer, wine, food and musical entertainment by the Paul Moore Band.


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