Senate Passes United Ireland Resolution - Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 14:37

Please read the below communication from Senator Mike Stack:

"Many of us wore green on St. Patrickís Day and celebrated our Irish heritage. And when the Senate returned to session March 18, it unanimously approved my resolution urging the United States, Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland to support a united Ireland.
Ireland and its people comprise an ancient and distinct island nation and they have a right and responsibility to self-govern. The logic of history, international law, human rights, and peaceful political actions dictate the reunification of the island of Ireland. The artificial border imposed on the country in 1922 is an unnecessary impediment to the free flow of goods and people, and it has sown division, distrust and conflict among citizens on both sides of the border.

The Irish immigrated to America in great numbers because they saw this nation as a beacon of hope and freedom, and Irish Americans have played vital roles in shaping our nationís history. The United States has participated in the peace process between Ireland and Northern Ireland and is recognized as a friend on both sides of the border.

We serve as a positive example of a nation of people of all backgrounds living together peacefully. I believe itís important that the Senate of Pennsylvania strongly support a united Ireland by supporting peaceful political actions.

Offices of State Senator Mike Stack"

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